How does each night look?

Each night consists of a 2 hour time block for games. Teams will play 3 teams for 15 minutes straight plus a sudden death at the end of time. When teams are not playing they are able to help shag and ref to keep the games moving along.

Where do games take place?

Our Spring 2021 season games will take place at the Genesis Centre (7555 Falconridge Blvd NE) in the community gym.

What time are games held?

Spring 2021 season games will be held from 7:15 pm-9:15 pm. The gym will be open at 7 for setup and warm-up.

What rules do you use?

We use the WDBF foam rules with a few minor adjustments to increase the rate of play.

Why can’t I sign up as a team?

As a new league with players that have different levels of experience with the style, we are doing our best to integrate newer players with our more experienced players to create an environment for learning and development while still maintaining a strong level of competition.